What is The VI Peel?


The VI Peel™ uses a unique blend of active cosmeceutical

ingredients such as:

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 7%,

Salicylic Acid 2%,

Retinoic Acid 8%,


Glycolic Acid,

Vitamin C.


It is only performed by medically trained professionals.



How is The VI Peel different from peels such as Glycolic?

The VI Peel founds itself on a key anti-aging ingredients, penetrating deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling. As we age, our levels deplete due to sun exposure, air pollutants, environmental stress and the aging process itself.

The VI Peel blends, TCA, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, Glycolic and a blend of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C. , resulting in skin that is brighter and tighter. TCA, phenol and retinoic acid reduce wrinkles and correct pigment problems, while salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation. Alone the ingredients are powerful, but in combination they produce results that are astonishing.

To follow The VI Peel treatment, you are given an individual home treatment pack. This pack contains an instruction leaflet, retinol wipes, a  moisturiser, SPF, cleanser and hydrocortisone cream to assist the peeling process and enhance your results.


What does The VI Peel do to improve my skin?

Improve the overall tone and texture of your skin

Lighten and brighten your skin

Remove or reduce sun damage and age spots

Reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce or eliminate Hyperpigmentation and acne scars

Improve acne skin conditions and Melasma

Stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin

Slow down the aging process and prevent wrinkles


How does The VI Peel Compare to Other Peels?

The VI Peel combines intense ingredients with effective acids to deliver outstanding results after one treatment. This unique formula allows for an increase in lifting of fine lines and wrinkles as well as a lightening of Melasma, sun damage and Hyperpigmentation. The VI Peel is a non-invasive relatively pain free treatment that entails only 5-7 days of peeling.


How many treatments are required to see results?

After one treatment of The VI Peel, overall skin tone and complexion will appear smooth, glowing and fresh. Depending on skin conditions, multiple treatments may be necessary for desired results. A series of 2-3 treatments applied once every 4 weeks will allow for optimal results for more severe skin conditions such as Melasma and active acne.


How long will my results last?

As long as the skin is maintained with good quality skin care products the improved results will last. We recommend two to three treatments of The VI Peel per year to sustain desired results for regular maintenance and rejuvenation.


Will I actually peel?

The amount of peeling skin associated with The VI Peel is mainly a sloughing of thin sheets of epidermis skin that begins around day three and generally is completed by day six or seven.


Can I wear makeup after having the peel?

The day the peel is applied the patient should not put any make up or other products on his or her face post peel. Makeup may be worn on day 2 of the peeling process.


How will my skin look during the peel?

Your skin will be flaking, may be slightly red/pink and you may experience a "purging" of skin problems which can take upto 4 weeks to settle.