Covid-19 Safety

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live our lives, how we socialise, see our loved ones, shop, travel, and how we work.

Skin 1st have a range of Covid-19 risk assessments to keep ourselves and you as safe as we can.   We ask that during these testing times you have a little patience if we run late due to the extra cleaning we need to do.  We also need you to help us by doing your bit to improve our safety.  We have made a list, to easily view what we are doing to reduce Covid-19 risk to improve your safety and a list we ask you to do too.  Every little action and infection control prevention will improve all our safety.

What we need YOU to do:

  • Book all appointments via the online booking system to reduce time in clinic.

  • Complete all consent forms and Covid-19 consent form prior to EVERY appointment. 

  • Ensure we have your current mobile number, email & address for Track & Trace systems.

  • If possible use your own toilet prior to appointment. Using our facilities means we need to "fog" the toilet.

  • Attend alone, as only one patient can enter at a time.

  • Go into the outside sani station a couple of minutes prior to your appointment to prepare to enter the clinic.

  • Wear a mask to enter the clinic, your own or we can provide you with one. Ensure it fits prior to entry.

  • Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth, nose whilst in clinic.

  • Remove all jewellery, watches, bracelets, bangles, rings (except wedding rings).  Be bare below the elbow, as we are.

  • Remove all makeup, creams, fake tan from the treatment area prior to entry.

  • Discard all chewing gum into the outdoor foot operated bin.

  • Take tissues in case of sneezing. Catch it, bin it, kill it!.

  • Wear shoe covers which are provided in the sani station to prevent bringing in any virus on your shoes.

  • Wash/sanitise hands including the wrist prior to entry. (roll up sleeves, remove coats).

  • If you are attending after being to someone else house, i.e. mobile hairdresser, community nurse, please wear apron and gloves too, they are provided in sani station.

  • Stand on sanitation mat while we take your temperature and ask you covid screening questions.

  • Put all your possessions in the provided plastic bags. Or leave coats and bags in your car. This reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission into clinic via personal items. (coats, handbags, phone, wallet).

  • Wait to be invited into clinic. Do not knock on the door as we cannot allow you in until we are ready for you.

  • Put your bagged possessions onto the reception couch and sanitise your hands again.

  • Do not touch anything in clinic other than the treatment couch.

  • Pay online if possible with your debit/credit card. Cash can be accepted if counted into our UV cash sanitiser.



What WE will do to increase hygiene, reduce infection transmission, cleaning, sanitisation & disinfection:

  • Increase our personal hygiene, minimum twice daily showers. Have hair tied back and covered with mop cap.

  • Not travelling to or from work in scrubs.

  • Record our daily temperatures and symptoms on our daily staff covid-19 chart.

  • Record your temperature prior to entry to clinic.

  • All laundry washed at minimum 60o and tumble dried.

  • Wear masks and visors and aprons and gloves at all times with patients.

  • Be bare below elbows and no nail varnish.

  • Wear scrubs which are antibacterial.

  • Wear all other PPE as appropriate.

  • Adhere to strict hand washing between every patient.

  • Sanitise hands during procedures with patients.

  • Reduce close contact time with patients.

  • Time patients in and out of clinic.

  • Keep sani station stocked for your hygiene.

  • Open and close all doors for patients.

  • "Fog" clinic rooms at the end of every day.

  • Mop and sweep floors and cleaning of fixtures and fittings as per our cleaning schedule using approved cleaning agents.

  • Maintain social distancing/PVC screens when not actually injecting.

  • Angle treatment couch away from preparation area.

  • Improve ventilation in all areas by having windows open.

  • Improve air cleanliness and quality in treatment room with HEPA air filter.

  • Only one mirror will be available in clinic which is held by Andrea through a PVC screen for patients to check their treatments.

  • Remove all unnecessary items from clinic to reduce surface areas or items that can harbour Covid-19.

  • install PVC screens, UV sanitisers, additional hand sanitisers,

  • Turn off air hand dryers and replace with paper towels to reduce aerosol generating procedures.

  • move all retail items to online shop.

  • Leaflets, magazines removed and moved over to website and digital platforms.

  • Update risk assessments as information is updated or changes.

  • Temporarily suspend all outreach clinics until Covid-19 measures are relaxed.

  • Temporarily suspend prolonged contact or plume generating treatment procedures.

  • include Covid-19 mouthwash procedure for all lip procedures.

  • Treatments to be administered either from the side or back  (avoiding direct breathing space) or using pvc screen.

  • Aftercare packs to be provided in poly bags.

  • Not accepting gifts from patients which may increase Covid-19 transmission.

  • All bookings to be made by the patient via the online booking system.

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**March 9th 2021 Update**
All Appointments are dummy appointments and I will be back in touch to schedule a real appointment once I have a firm reopening date, April 12th is not set in stone as yet by government.
Real appointments will be allocated fairly in the following order:.
1.  Priority will be given to those who had prior bookings already made in January/Feb/March.
2.  Then in order of the online booking coming in to me online. The computer notifies me of when you went online and made the booking (not the dummy date as that doesn't matter).
3.  Then New client requests.
I am currently closed for all procedures due to national lock down. I do not know when I will be able to reopen as yet.
If you already had a booking during lock down you are already on my priority list to contact once I have a firm date to reopen. You do not need to make any further bookings.
I currently have 3-4 weeks worth of bookings to reschedule so please be mindful of this when adding yourself to a dummy booking.
Thank you for understanding. See you soon Andrea